Canola Oil and Cats: Is it Safe to Use for Grooming?


Burmese cats are a unique breed of cat originating from Southeast Asia. They have a distinct coat color and pattern, as well as an athletic body type and sweet temperament. However, one thing that many people wonder about Burmese cats is whether or not they like water. In this blog post, we will explore the answer to this question in more detail.

Do Burmese Cats Like Water?

The short answer is yes! Although some cats may be scared of water or not enjoy baths, most Burmese cats actually do like it! Many owners report that their Burmese cat likes to join them in the shower or will even jump into the bathtub on their own accord. Some even find joy in playing with running faucets or drinking out of the toilet bowl!

It’s important to point out, though, that there are always individuals within any species who don’t conform to what is considered “typical” behavior. So while some Burmese cats may love playing with water and taking baths, others may avoid it altogether — just like how some humans love swimming while others would rather stay dry! It’s all based on individual preference and personality traits.

Tips For Introducing Your Cat To Water

If you want your kitty to become comfortable around water but aren’t sure where to start because they seem apprehensive at first glance – no worries! Here are a few tips for helping your cat get used to being around H20:

  • Start small.: Begin by introducing Bath time slowly; spray lukewarm water onto her fur using a spray bottle instead of submerging her in full-on bathwater right away so she can get familiar with it.
  • Be gentle.: When bathing your kitty make sure you’re extra gentle in order for them feel safe & secure throughout the process.
  • Create positive associations . : Give your pet plenty of treats & verbal praise during & after each bath session so she learns that good things come from being exposed to H20/bathing experiences.


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