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The Scottish Fold is a breed of cat with unique folded ears that originated in Scotland. They are known for their playful, sweet and loyal personalities, as well as their low-key vocalization. The breed was first developed by William Ross of Coupar Angus, Scotland in 1961 when he found a white barn cat with folded ears. This distinctive appearance has made the Scottish Fold one of the most popular breeds of cats today.


The first recorded Scottish Fold was named Susie and she was discovered on a farm near Coupar Angus in 1961 by William Ross. She had two kittens which were both born with the same distinct ear fold characteristics that she had inherited from her mother’s side (her father did not have this trait). It soon became apparent that this genetic mutation could be passed onto future generations from either parent and so Ross set about breeding more cats with this trait to create a new breed – now known as the Scottish Fold Cat.


Scottish Folds have an unmistakable appearance due to their uniquely folded ears which can range from being slightly curved downwards into a “U” shape or completely folding over themselves close to the head giving them an almost owl-like look. Their eyes are almond-shaped with light hazel/green coloration while they come in various coat lengths including long hair, short hair, and shorthair varieties all featuring different colors such as blue tabby, brown classic tabby or black smoke options among many others. Aside from their ears though they possess much like other domesticated cats having medium builds complete round heads and wide chins along with soft fur coats covering most parts body except for paws tail tips noses (which often features pink skin) plus whiskers around muzzle area too!


Despite being relatively new compared to other cat breeds -the Scottish Folds have gained popularity because of their gentle demeanors, intelligence levels & playfulness qualities making them ideal companions both indoors & outdoors activities alike! They tend be quiet yet confident animals who love spending time cuddling up humans or exploring nature outside when given opportunity do so but also enjoy playing games keep active during day too! Additionally these cats will show loyalty towards owners creating strong bonds between parties involved ensuring happiness throughout course relationship shared together too!

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