Summer Safety For Cats

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Summer is upon us. While many of us and our animals look forward to the warmer weather, there are dangers we need to be prepared to face.

Even if you are not planning to travel with your cats, heat and dehydration can be a problem. Make sure your cat has access to plenty of fresh water at all times. There are a number of ways to keep the water cool when the temperature rises. Most cats don’t like really cold water, but you can freeze water in milk cartons or extra plastic bowls and place them in an extra water dish before you leave for work. The cats will then have cool drinking water in the afternoon. The new thermal packs can be frozen and placed under a bowl to keep it cool for several hours. Placing ice cubes in the bowls works, too, but may lead to impromptu games of ice cube hockey.

Outdoor animals should be provided with shady areas with water available. Make certain that the area where the water is kept is not going to be in the direct sun at different times of day.

This is also the time of year when we start spending more time outdoors and leaving windows and doors open. Of course, we tempt our furry friends by carrying out platters of food for picnics and barbeques so they want to join the party. Squirt bottles and soda cans with coins inside can be used to aid in door training.

Screen climbing is another favorite summer sport. Again the squirt bottle and soda can be used to discourage this. For screen doors, a member had a great suggestion, place a thin piece of plexiglass on the inside of the screen door from the bottom to about the cat’s standing height. Also, keep those claws trimmed!