Training Cats in Litter Box Use

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Cats are neat animals. They are also intelligent enough to be trained. Given those characteristics, it will be very easy for owners to teach their pets. Here are some tips to guide owners in training their cats to use litter boxes.

1. Cleanliness is a must for cats.

Sometimes, even if the cat is already trained in using litter boxes, the owner usually finds his pet urinating or defecating just a few inches away from the litter box. The cat wants to use the litter box, and this can be proven by the proximity of the waste to the litter box. However, because the litter box is dirty, the cat opted not to use it.

The point here is that cats prefer to expel body wastes on clean areas. So make it a point to regularly check if the litter box is always clean and ready for your cat’s use. The cleanliness of the area where the litter box is situated must also be checked frequently.

2. Cats do need privacy.

Do not expect your cat to defecate or urinate in busy areas because they also have the need for privacy. That is why most cats prefer to do their thing behind furniture, or in corners of rooms.

To solve the problem, place litter boxes in areas where cats would be less likely to be disturbed.

3. Cats must be comfortable in using their litter boxes.

Comfort is an issue in training cats to use litter boxes. If cats don’t find using litter boxes convenient on their part, why will they use it?

Check if your cat is comfortable using open or closed litter boxes.

4. Take it easy.

Most cat owners who train their pets for litter box use lack patience. Thus, after a short period of time, they give up, or they use force in training their cats. Both actions are wrong.

One must learn that patience is an important trait needed in training cats.

5. Cats seek rewards for a job well done.

If your cat uses the litter box, but did not feel that you appreciated its efforts, there is no reason for your cat to repeat using it again.

Make the task of using the litter box enjoyable and fulfilling for your pet by giving rewards. After a while, your cat will be accustomed to the habit.

6. More cats = more litter boxes.

Place more litter boxes to accommodate all your pets. Place them based on your cats’ preference.

Generally, training cats to use litter boxes is an easy thing for an owner who knows his cat well.