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Can Cats Appreciate Music?

Cats have inspired some of the most beloved music of all time, from Tom Jones’ “What’s New Pussycat?” to Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog.” But do cats actually enjoy music as much as humans do? It turns out they might—and this could be good news for pet owners who want to enrich their kitties’ lives.

The Science Behind Cat’s Reactions To Music

In a study published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science, researchers played classical and contemporary music for 50 domestic cats. The scientists found that the cats generally responded positively to both types of music: They moved closer to speakers playing the songs and purred more often than when no music was playing at all. This suggests that cats may actually appreciate certain genres of music, although there is still much we don’t know about how felines react to different kinds of sounds.

That said, it’s important to note that not all cats will respond positively to every type of song or sound you play for them. Some species or individual animals may prefer one style over another due to genetic differences or personal preferences; just like us humans! So if you want your cat listening along with your favorite tunes, it’s best if you try out a few different styles before settling on one he enjoys most — otherwise known as his own “meow-sic.”

Ideas For Choosing Music For Your Cat

When choosing songs for your feline friend, keep in mind that cats can distinguish between pitch and tempo better than we can – so avoid anything too loud or energetic (unless he happens to love rock!). Also consider what kind of atmosphere you’re trying create: mellow classical pieces are probably best if you’re looking for relaxation while faster beats might be ideal during playtime sessions! Finally–and perhaps most importantly–try picking tunes with clear melodies and easy-to-recognize rhythms; these features make it easier for kitties understand what’s happening musically which should make them happier listeners overall!


Overall, many experts believe that yes – cats can indeed appreciate certain types of human created musical stylings! From soothing classics like Beethoven’s Symphony No 5 in C minor Opus 67 through catchy pop hits like Justin Bieber’s Baby – something out there is surefire hit with even the pickiest feline listener! With this knowledge under our belts let us go forth into homes everywhere armed with nothing but a boom box ready set up some furry friends on some body rocking jams – science says they’ll thank us later!