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Can Cats Eat Corn?

Cats are known for their picky eating habits, so it’s natural to wonder if corn is safe for them to eat. In short, the answer is yes — cats can safely eat corn in moderation.

Is Corn Nutritious For Cats?

Corn provides a range of vitamins and minerals that can benefit cats, including fiber and vitamin A. Furthermore, since cats are obligate carnivores they need carbohydrates as part of their diet in order to maintain proper health. That said, while corn can be beneficial as an occasional treat or part of a commercial cat food formula, it should not make up the majority of your cat’s diet due to its high carbohydrate content.

How Much Corn Should My Cat Eat?

It is best to talk with your veterinarian about how much corn (or any other human foods) you should give your pet. While small portions occasionally may not harm your cat, too much could cause digestive upset due gastrointestinal distress from the sugar or fat content found in some types of prepared popcorn snacks available at grocery stores or movie theaters. Additionally, because whole kernel corn may be difficult for cats to digest properly; it is advised that you avoid feeding this type entirely unless mixed into a cooked dish or added into soft canned food as an ingredient option versus being served on its own.

Risks Of Feeding Your Cat Too Much Corn

Overfeeding your cat anything — particularly something like sweetcorn that has a higher sugar content than other fresh vegetables — can lead to weight gain and potential diabetes issues down the line if consumed in large amounts over time without proper balance in her overall diet with lean proteins and low-fat alternative options such as cottage cheese or boiled white meat chicken without skin attached – all which can provide more optimal nutrition benefits without risking obesity levels caused by excessive consumption of simple carbohydrates found within processed cereals and grains components like those included within kernels that compose sweetcorn varieties usually served during holiday meals as side dishes alongside mashed potatoes/gravies etc.. So when sharing treats with our feline friends always remember: everything should only be given in moderation!