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What Does it Mean When a Cat Licks You?

Cats are incredibly affectionate animals and often show us how much they love us by licking us. Although this behavior can be cute and endearing, many people wonder what it really means when cats lick them. Is your cat just showing you appreciation or is there more to this odd behavior?

Why Do Cats Lick People?

There are several reasons why cats might lick people. One of the most common reasons is that they’re trying to show their affection for you. It’s similar to the way a dog licks its owner’s face; both species use licking as a sign of bonding and trust between themselves and their owners. Additionally, since cats groom each other with their tongues, they may also view humans as part of their social group and thus try to groom them too. Some experts believe that kittens learn this behavior from their mother who will clean her littermates with her tongue after birth. This helps encourage bonding among the littermates, so even adult cats may continue doing this instinctive action when around humans whom they consider family members or friends.

Can Excessive Licking Be A Sign Of Stress Or Anxiety In Cats?

It’s not uncommon for excessive licking in cats to be associated with stress or anxiety, especially if your cat has been through some kind of traumatic event recently such as moving home or being introduced to a new pet in the house. For example, if your cat was recently attacked by another animal then he/she may start excessively grooming himself/herself due to fear which could manifest itself in the form of excessive licking on you instead! Therefore it is important that you pay close attention to any changes in your cat’s behavior so that you can identify whether he/she is feeling stressed or anxious before things get out of hand – especially if your feline friend begins compulsively grooming himself/herself (or others).


Ultimately, while our furry friends do have some very strange behaviors at times (like constantly trying to rub up against our legs), we should always remember that behind all these little quirks lies an effort on his/her part trying hard just like any other living creature would do -to express love towards us! Whether it be through purring loudly when cuddling up next time for bedtime stories ,or giving those warm fuzzy kisses – one thing remains true -your kitty loves spending time with YOU!