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What is a British Shorthair Cat?

The British Shorthair is a medium-sized cat breed known for its distinctive blue-gray coat. This regal looking cat has an impressive, muscular build that gives it an air of nobility and strength. The thick fur and large round eyes make the British Shorthair appear cute and cuddly despite its hefty size. Despite their imposing stature, this breed is actually quite gentle and affectionate with humans.

History of the Breed

The British Shorthair was first developed in England over two hundred years ago as a working farm cat and mouse hunter. Over time, they were selectively bred to become larger in size while retaining their friendly disposition towards humans; making them perfect companions for families living on small farms or estates in rural areas. Since then they have been brought into homes around the world where they are much beloved pets providing comfort, companionship, and love to their owners.

Are They Friendly?

Overall, British shorthairs are very friendly cats who enjoy socializing with people as well as other cats or animals if introduced properly from an early age. They tend to bond closely with one person but will be good friends with everyone else in the home too! Unlike some breeds that require minimal interaction from their owners, this breed loves attention from family members so be sure to give your kitty plenty of petting sessions each day!

In addition to being very loyal companions who follow you around all day, these cats also have quite sweet personalities which makes them great playmates especially if you have children at home since they appreciate all kinds of activities such as fetching toys or playing tug-of-war! An added bonus about having a Brit shorty by your side is that these cats generally do not meow excessively like some other breeds – so no annoying late night conversations here either!