The Surprising Reasons Why Cats Wag Their Tails

What is a Cat’s Heat Cycle?

A cat’s heat cycle, also known as estrus or “being in heat”, is the period of time during which a female cat experiences changes in her hormone levels that cause her to become sexually receptive and able to mate. This usually happens for the first time when she reaches maturity (approximately 6-10 months old) and then occurs periodically throughout her life until she is spayed. A typical cycle can last anywhere from 3-21 days but the average duration is around 4 days. The cycle usually starts with an influx of hormones that stimulate signs such as vocalizing, increased affectionate behavior, rubbing against objects, restlessness or pacing, rolling over on the floor, crouching low while being held, frequent urination outside of the litter box and even yowling sounds.

How Long Does a Cat Remian In Heat?

A female cat typically remains in heat until either it’s been mated or if not bred will enter its next season within 10 – 14 days depending on what stage of its estrus they are currently at: Proestrus (between 1-7days), Estrus (typically 5 days), Diestrous (up to 10days). It’s important to note that cats may display some symptoms for up to 2 weeks following their initial estrus phase so it’s best to keep them away from any potential mates during this period just in case they come into contact with an unneutered male who could still be receptive towards them.
In order for a successful mating between two cats both parties must remain ‘in heat’ simultaneously otherwise no pregnancy will occur and therefore your pet won’t have kittens! This means ideally you should wait until both cats have entered their second/third stage before attempting anything else; if not then there’s always next time round as long as your furry friend continues cycling every few months throughout their lives!


It is important for owners to know how long does a cat stay in heat since this helps them make sure that any potential mating pairs are available at the same time and can remain safe from unwanted pregnancies. Generally speaking most cats stay in heat for about four days but each individual varies slightly due which can mean either shorter or longer cycles depending on what stage they’re currently at within their own personal cycle patterning. Therefore by paying close attention one can ensure that all goes smoothly when trying out breeding endeavours whilst also protecting against accidental litters too!