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Do Orange Cats Bring Good Luck?

The belief that cats can bring luck, no matter their color, has been around since ancient times. However, when it comes to orange cats in particular, the superstition goes beyond just luck – there’s a belief that they specifically bring good luck. But is there any truth to this claim? Let’s take a look at the facts.

History of Orange Cat Superstitions

It’s believed that the association between orange cats and good luck dates back to Ancient Egypt. During this time, Egyptians revered cats for their ability to ward off disease and misfortune from people and places where they lived. As such, orange cats were highly sought after because of their bright fur which was thought to bring an even greater level of protection than other colors did. This idea eventually spread throughout Europe during the Middle Ages when orange felines became known as “lucky charm cats.”

In more recent years, some cultures regard certain breeds of cat with heightened levels of respect due to their unique traits or behaviors; one example being Japanese Bobtail Cats which are said to offer fortune-telling capabilities! These beliefs have been echoed in popular media too; most notably Disney’s animated classic The Aristocats featuring Thomas O’Malley who is an adventurous housecat with an affinity for getting into trouble (and also happens to be ginger).

Are There Any Scientific Evidence To Support This Claim?

Unfortunately not much scientific evidence exists surrounding the notion that orange cats bring good luck – so you could say it’s simply up for interpretation! Some may argue that these superstitions stem from anecdotal experiences over generations combined with cultural influences rather than any concrete proof or research findings. That being said though, many people still believe in its power and think it brings them some form of positive energy – whatever form you choose to define it as!


At the end of the day whether or not you believe in superstitions is entirely up your own personal preference but if someone asks “do oranges cat bring good luck?” then answer is yes – according culture and long standing traditions here we find strong support for this belief system! Whether those beliefs are rooted in fact versus fiction remains open-ended however one cannot deny how beloved these furry friends truly are all around world regardless what color coat might adorn them!