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What Do Siberian Cats Eat?

Siberian cats, also known as the Siberian Forest Cat, are an ancient breed of cat from Russia. These cats have long, thick fur that keep them warm in cold climates and they have round faces that make them look like a teddy bear. They are highly active and playful cats who love to explore their surroundings. But what do these furry felines eat?

Dry Foods

The most common food for any cat is kibble or dry food. For Siberians this should be a high-quality grain-free diet designed specifically for cats with large builds and active lifestyles. This type of diet will provide your cat with all the essential nutrients they need while still being easy to feed on a daily basis. Make sure you check the ingredients list carefully before purchasing any dry foods so you can ensure it meets your cat’s needs!

Wet Foods

Wet canned foods can be great for providing extra moisture in your pet’s diet as well as additional variety in taste and texture compared to dry foods alone. The key here is to find something with high protein content that has been lightly cooked so it’s not too tough for your pet to digest easily; chunks of meat or fish work well especially if combined with vegetables like carrots or peas which help provide vitamins, minerals and fiber. Additionally, wet foods usually come in more flavors than just plain chicken – try adding some different types such as turkey or salmon into their meals once in awhile!


Your Siberian kitten may enjoy a treat now and then but remember – treats should never exceed 10% of their overall daily calorie intake! Treats should always be given sparingly because many types contain unhealthy fillers such as corn syrup solids which can lead to weight gain over time; instead opt for natural treats such as freeze dried meats, fruits or vegetables (keep an eye out for added sugars though!). You can also give them low calorie snacks made specifically for cats like dental chews which help promote healthy teeth & gums along with yummy flavor!

Conclusion Ultimately when feeding your Siberian it’s important to understand what kind of diet best suits their individual needs; whether it’s dry kibble mixed with wet canned food or smaller sized treats don’t forget about portion control – having regular meal times helps reinforce good eating habits while preventing overeating/weight gain down the line too! Finally always consult with your vet if there are any health concerns you may have regarding Fido’s dietary requirements – happy munching everyone!:)