Why Does My Cat Climb Me Like a Tree? A Guide to Understanding Your Feline Friend


Cats are fascinating creatures, and their behavior can be both amusing and confusing. One of the most common behaviors exhibited by cats is climbing their owners like trees, which often leaves cat owners wondering why their feline friends do this.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the reasons why cats climb people like trees.


One reason why your cat may climb you like a tree is to bond with you. Cats are social animals that love attention and affection from their human companions. By rubbing against you or climbing onto your lap, they show how much they trust and love you.

Additionally, when a cat climbs onto its owner’s shoulders or back, it feels safe and secure being in close proximity to someone familiar. It also provides them with an elevated vantage point from where they can observe their surroundings.


Another reason why cats enjoy climbing on humans is because it’s fun for them! Cats have a natural instinct to play, hunt and climb. Part of what makes climbing so enjoyable is that it’s a form of exercise for them as well as an opportunity for exploration.

When cats climb on humans – especially when they use claws – it’s important to remember that they’re not trying to hurt us; instead, they’re just having fun while scratching something (or someone) new.

Attention Seeking

Cats are known for being independent creatures who prefer solitude at times but also crave attention regularly. Climbing up onto their owner’s body can be one way in which felines demand attention from those around them!

If your cat wants more playtime or cuddles than usual or if there has been any change in routine recently such as working longer hours away from home than before – all these factors might contribute towards increased attention-seeking behavior including clinging onto his/her favorite person every chance he/she gets!

Territorial Behaviour

Sometimes cats will use our bodies as territory markers too! They may jump onto our backs when they feel threatened or anxious about a new household member, i.e., baby or other pet. This is an instinctual behavior that helps them establish their territory and claim what is rightfully theirs.


In conclusion, there are various reasons why your cat may climb you like a tree. Whether it’s because they want to bond with you, playfulness or attention seeking – remember that cats have unique personalities and act differently based on their environment.

If the behavior persists, then consider speaking to your vet who can provide further insight into why your cat might climb you like a tree!