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Can Cats Have Tortilla Chips?

Cats are notoriously picky eaters. As a pet owner, it can be hard to know which human foods are safe for cats and which ones should be avoided. One food that is often called into question is tortilla chips. So, can cats have tortilla chips?

Are Tortilla Chips Safe for Cats?

In general, tortilla chips are not a recommended snack for cats due to the high fat content and potential choking hazards. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with giving your cat an occasional small piece of plain baked or air-popped chip as a treat, it’s important to understand that they might not provide any nutritional value or contribute towards healthy eating habits in felines. Additionally, the spice blends and other additives found in some types of flavored tortillas may aggravate sensitive stomachs and cause vomiting or diarrhea.

What Else Should I Feed My Cat Instead of Tortilla Chips?

The best thing you can do if you want to feed your cat something other than their regular kibble diet is give them fresh fruits or vegetables as treats instead! Examples include pieces of cooked chicken breast (without skin), boiled eggs, shredded carrots/celery/spinach/kale/cucumber slices, diced apples/pears/bananas (remove peels first), etc. These offer more nutritional benefits than traditional snacks like potato chips or cookies without the unhealthy fats associated with processed products – plus most cats find them quite tasty!

If you really must give your cat something crunchy from time to time then look no further than commercially available treats made specifically for felines – these usually contain high-quality ingredients such as tuna flakes and salmon oil so they are much healthier alternatives compared to greasy snack foods like corn tacos and Doritos! Just make sure that whatever treat you decide on doesn’t exceed 10% of your cat’s daily caloric requirements; otherwise they may start gaining unnecessary weight from too many junk food meals 🙂


To sum things up: while it isn’t necessarily bad for cats to have a few bites of plain tortillas every once in awhile, its best avoided due both its lack nutritional value as well potential choking hazards posed by fried versions. There are much healthier options out there when looking for snacks such as commercially available treats made specifically for felines – though do remember not to overfeed these either since obesity can lead serious health problems down the line!