Unravelling the Mystery: Why Does My Cat Sit By The Door?

What Are Feral Cats?

Feral cats are cats that have been born and raised in the wild. They are not socialized to humans, so they remain untamed, living in colonies and avoiding contact with people. Feral cats tend to live anywhere they can find food and shelter—urban areas, farms, parks, wooded areas and abandoned buildings. These cats typically form matriarchal groups led by a dominant female who is responsible for finding food and protecting her kittens.

Do Feral Cats Move Their Kittens?

Feral cats will often move their kittens when they feel threatened or if the area has become unsafe for them. This behavior is not seen as often as others such as hissing or spitting when feeling threatened; however it does occur when an adult cat perceives danger from another animal or human approaching too closely to their young ones. The mother will usually carry her kittens one at a time in her mouth to a safer location where she believes it’s safe for them to be until she returns back after making sure there is no more immediate threat present.

How Often Do Feral Cats Move Their Kittens?

It depends on several factors such as the level of disturbance from other animals/humans in their habitat, environmental conditions (temperature changes), availability of food sources etc.. Generally speaking though feral cats may move their kittens every few days or even weeks if there is minimal interference within their environment – this helps protect both adult feral cats & their vulnerable young ones against any potential dangers encountered during these times of relocation/migration which could come from outside sources such as vehicles passing by too close whilst also allowing momma cat access to new food sources!


In conclusion, feral cats will occasionally move their kittens when feeling threatened but generally how often this happens varies depending upon various factors like external disturbances from other animals/humans nearby or environmental conditions changing suddenly leading momma cat into seeking out alternative locations where she can ensure safety along with adequate nutrition requirements being met for herself & her family!