Unraveling the Mystery: Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?


The Titanic is one of the most famous and remembered shipwrecks in history. The disastrous voyage of April 1912 claimed the lives of over 1,500 passengers and crew members. But few people know that there were also cats on board. There is much speculation as to how many cats died on the Titanic, but no one knows for sure exactly how many perished with the ship and its passengers.

Cats Aboard The Titanic

There were several cats aboard the ill-fated vessel at least 10 days prior to it’s departure from Southampton, England. Cats were common among sailors at the time due their ability to catch rats which posed a threat to wooden ships covered in food stores and other goods that attracted rodents. Some accounts suggest that a single cat named Jenny was brought on by an officer or passenger, while others maintain that all cats onboard were part of Captain Edward Smith’s personal menagerie. Regardless of who owned them, both dogs and cats could be found lounging about decks during warmer nights when temperatures would permit animals outside for fresh air even if they weren’t explicitly allowed inside cabins or public areas such as dining hallways etc..

Determining How Many Died

It’s difficult to determine exactly how many felines died when the Titanic sunk due to discrepancies between what was reported by historians vs what was written down in official records from 1912… For example some writers claim only two or three survived while others cite six – eight survivors with no conclusive evidence either way making it hard for us today ascertain which statement is true thus leaving open possibility range anywhere between zero up ten depending whose account you choose believe .This makes it very difficult for researchers put together an accurate estimate based off these conflicting narratives alone because ultimately we don’t know just how much overlap there might’ve been amongst different stories told regards kitty population aboard tragedy .


At this point in time, we can never truly know how many beautiful cats perished along with so many other precious souls lost during this tragic event in maritime history; however we must remember all those brave creatures who endured hardship faced uncertainty until end find solace knowing their courage will never forgotten our hearts forever more may now rest peace!