Why is My Cat’s Eye Watering? Causes and Solutions to Stop the Tears

Cats have always been known for their curious nature. You may not think twice when you see your cat curled up in an empty box, but cats actually have a strong fascination with boxes and other small, enclosed spaces. So why do cats like boxes so much? There are several reasons why cats enjoy squeezing into tight spaces and curling up in boxes.


One of the main reasons why cats enjoy spending time in boxes is because it makes them feel secure. Cats are naturally shy animals that don’t like to be exposed or vulnerable to potential threats. By being inside a cardboard box, they can escape from loud noises and chaotic environments which might otherwise make them feel scared or anxious. The sides of the box also provide protection against predators since it reduces their visibility from outside sources. This gives them a sense of safety which helps reduce stress levels and allows them to relax more comfortably in their environment.


Another reason why cats love interacting with boxes is simply out of curiosity. Cats are naturally inquisitive creatures who love exploring new things around them, especially if it involves something as interesting as a box! When given the opportunity to investigate different objects such as boxes, they will often jump at the chance to explore its insides while using all their senses – sight, smell and touch -to fully experience what’s inside the container without fear of any potential harm coming its way due to its closed-off construction design!


In addition to feeling secure and curious about exploring new places, another major factor driving felines towards seeking refuge in cardboard containers is comfortability! Boxes offer soft surfaces such as corrugated paper on one side while providing insulation from cold temperatures by trapping heat within smaller interior volumes (a phenomenon called “thermal mass”) on another end – both features making these objects quite pleasant for cats looking for someplace cozy where they can rest undisturbed! Additionally, many kitties find enclosed spaces relaxing thanks largely thanks due its soundproofing properties; this means that loud noises won’t reach your pet cat inside its private corner boxed oasis!

Overall Summary

All in all , there’s no denying that most cats really seem to love getting into those little cardboard cubicles we call “boxes”. Whether it be out of curiosity towards what’s hidden within these containers or just because of how comfortable they make our feline friends feel; whatever the reason may be – one thing remains consistent: every cat has an undeniable adoration for finding solace within small cramped areas such as our beloved cardboard chests !