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What Is Brita Filtered Water?

Brita filtered water is a type of drinking water that has gone through a filtration process to remove impurities and contaminants. The filters on Brita products are designed to reduce chlorine taste/odor, zinc, copper, mercury and other unwanted particles from tap water. It also retains beneficial minerals like magnesium and calcium while improving the overall taste.

Is Brita Water Safe for Cats?

The short answer is yes! Although it’s not necessary to use filtered water for cats or other pets, you can rest assured knowing that using a Brita filter will provide your pet with safe drinking water. The activated carbon in the filter helps reduce contaminants like lead, pesticides or herbicides and various chemicals found in tap water which could be harmful for animals if ingested over an extended period of time.

Benefits Of Using Brita For Cats

There are many benefits of giving cats filtered rather than unfiltered tap water:

• Improved Taste – Filtering out bad tastes makes the drinking experience more enjoyable for cats and ensures they get enough fluids into their diet;

• Healthier – As mentioned before, filtering out potential toxins makes sure your cat doesn’t ingest anything harmful when lapping up its drink;

• Easier To Clean – Not only do litter boxes take longer to clean with hard-to-remove deposits but dishes require more scrubbing too due to mineral buildup caused by unfiltered tap waters;

• Longer Filter Lifespan – With proper maintenance (e.g., replacing used-up cartridges), filters should last several months so you don’t have to worry about buying them frequently.

Ultimately using a filter such as one provided by the Brita brand will save owners money over time compared with how much bottled or distilled would cost without sacrificing safety or quality when providing your cat with clean drinking water .