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Cat Toilet Training Tips

Cats are very lovable creatures. They are tame, cuddly and are indeed beautiful. Most cat owners want them to be indoors, to keep them safe and clean always. However, keeping cats indoors poses the problem of dealing with their wastes. Thus it is necessary to toilet train the cat. Toilet Training …

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Training Cats in Litter Box Use

Cats are neat animals. They are also intelligent enough to be trained. Given those characteristics, it will be very easy for owners to teach their pets. Here are some tips to guide owners in training their cats to use litter boxes. 1. Cleanliness is a must for cats. Sometimes, even if the cat is already …

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Train Your Cat Using A Clicker

Clicker training incorporates the use of a clicker as a reward or encouragement when training a cat. Cats are able to relate with the clicker, displaying good actions and behavior. Clicker training is often linked with conventional condition, where cats associate sound with food and operational condition and where cats execute movements for …

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History Of Cat Domestication

For the cat, as for other domestic animals, the process of domestication occurred over a long period of time. Wild cats would have associated with humans once the latter stopped being hunter-gathers and formed permanent settlements, grew grain crops and set up grain stores. Grain stores would have attracted mice and rats, …

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How To Care For Your Cat Properly

Your cat’s health depends on regualr, well-balanced meals. Adult cats should be fed twixe a day and will almost certainly remind you when it’s mealtime! Growing kittens need several smaller meals a day, to suit their smaller stomachs. If your cat is a longhair, remember to groom it daily. Shorthairs need brushing only …

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Breeding Bengal Cats

Cat Lovers who admired the beauty of wild, spotted cats tried to breed a type of dosmetic cat with a wild-cat coat. In North America in the 1960’s, the first planned breeding took place between a short-haired domestic cat and an Asian Leopard Cat. The mating was successful and fertile offspring were produced, …

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